Hospital Podcast 95

August 21, 2009 in Podcast

Continuing the soundtrack to your summer, we bring you a whole host of DnB news, views and dubs.

New stuff from Blu Mar Ten, Dkay and of course Logistics as we build up to his album “Crash Bang Wallop” dropping in September!

Also we bring you all of the latest news and preview Hospitality at Matter, and the extra special HOSPITAL Q+A+E coming up beforehand…

  • Dugy09

    tony briliant podcast again love what you said about the yanks, so true, and you can tell marry whitehouse AKA baracuda you didnt insult me lol cheers for delivering even more amaizing tunes via the podcast keep it up and keep up the funny coments

  • acidfluxxbass

    loved the podcast :)

    That baracuda guy makes me laugh every comment he makes and moreso every shoutout he gets!

    I think we should have a ‘Mary Whitehouse/Baracuda section’ ;)

  • PsyNeko

    Hi Tony, all respect to the NHS. I’m from Sydney, Australia and it’d be wicked if we could get a system close to the UK’s. Awesome to hear you smacking down the hate on Republicans! Please give us a shout Tony and keep the podcasts nice and fresh as always!

  • sammy lang

    banging podcast as usual tony, so happy to finally here the starting over remix, and of course the new loggie stuff
    big shout to the borlase d boys heading down to matter on the 4th, took a couple of hospitality virgins down in july and naturally theyre coming back for more in september
    peace out and keep it vinyl xx

  • duff

    Can someone explain the dog yelps over Tuning please?

  • londonelektricity

    yes duff. i had a really bad hangover.

  • jacobmorgan

    fantastic podcast! the 90’s were dieselboy and prodigy for me, hospital is now! particularly loved the finger puppets track; come see us in San Francisco!!

  • Paul.C

    Another great Podcast Tony.

    So glad Muderation is being released, looking forward to getting my hands on that wax.

    Oh let me apologise on behalf of all Canberrans as the Warehouse Festival (you played a wicked set only to have to deal with crashed decks, horrible sounding speakers, worst sound engineers and Red Bull paraphernalia) is probably the worst run festival in the entire country.

    Can you please send a shout out to us Canberrans (True Jungle Souljahs crew) battling against cockheads in suits with a god complex. Hospital and DnB keeps us sane.

  • Colak

    big podcast as always, when will you be announcing the date for the 100th podcast thing??? i wouldn’t mind toddlng along if it’s open to an audience but it’s going to involve some shuffling round of my (very few) remaining days off work…

    also, any whites of the new logistics touching down in the near future? i’m going to need murderation in the bag as soon as possible!

    oh yeah, and real trainspotters already know the logistics tracklist from checking the forthcoming section on chenical records – heheheh…

  • Spoony J

    Hey Tony, killer podcast as usual. Can’t wait for the new Logistics album, I want to preorder as soon as it’s available!

    Oh, and PLEASE don’t lump all us yanks together with those sad, angry, backwards bible thumping republicans! We’re tired of them too! If it were up to me I’d send Bill O’Reilley to the Serengeti so he could have a shouting contest with a lion. How about a shoutout to all the level headed yanks with common sense and listen to every podcast?

    JR in Vegas

    PS Can you also give a shoutout to my girlfriend Kacey? She loves Just One Second and she’d appreciate it very much.

  • Weekesey

    So pleased to hear you say you are working on a new album, will you be working with Liane again?

  • tryptameena

    hello Tony. im writing to advertise my HELLO to u :))..just kiddin .now seriously .i folow ur work for some years now, including other hospital names. and recently(shame on me) i’ve discovered ur podcast. loved this last one in particular! to bad ur not gonna play around the world for the next six months or so, but well thats one reason for me to get to London :D. keep up the amaizing work & thank you for it!

  • Gethin

    Hey Tony,

    Just a quick question – Do you know if the Q+A+E will be recorded/videoed? I can’t get there unfortunately but really don’t want to miss out!

    Really looking forward to Crash Bang Wallop – sounding fantastic.

    Oh, and have you ever thought of running a Hospital records CD subscription? I always seem to want to pick up the albums anyway, and perhaps a subscription would provide a guaranteed revenue stream for you guys. Just a thought…

    Can’t wait for the new podcast. Any chance you can give a shout out to my girlfriend Jo – I’m converting her to the drum and bass cause with the great Hospital tunes!



  • jonlane

    hi tony, can’t wait for crash bang wallop. please give me and my girlfriend alice a shout out as i keep posting but to no avail lol. i was at hospitality at exeter in march, you and lincoln smashed it and thanks again for signing my ticket stub. have graduated now with a 2:1 in law which was down to a lot of late night revision and a lot of hospital mixes and podcasts to keep me vaguely sane. am in bristol doing my legal practice course next year so can’t wait for the next one in october – when are tickets available? please say cunt on the next podcast – i couldn’t stop laughing after your last rant! keep it up mate, the podcast is savage. cheers, jon

  • Laurie

    Hey Tony, I’ve just received my GCSE results and I was over the moon when I saw 5 As and 4 Bs on the sheet in front of me; blowing my predicted grades out of the water. I partly owe these grades to you because of the hospital podcast which kept me motivated throughout my revision and preparation time for the exams which I could have struggled in otherwise.

    Please give a shout out to all of the people who have just received their GCSE or A-level results on the next podcast.

    Big cheers, Laurie Ewen from Essex.

  • Mr Lazarus

    Dear Tony,

    Just thought I’d say i was at the picture house last night in Edinburgh for your set. Sicko! And that last tune, “From Memory” was it, topped off the evening.

    Particularly the air guitar-ing of the champagne bottle… Very rock and roll. Thanks again though, spot on!


  • loves2spooj

    Dear Tony

    Big fan !! been tuned in since podcast 5. Saw this and thought it might make you laugh …

    Big up your self and the Hospital Massive .. Baptasia

    PS It gets funnier the more time you watch it .. or it might be just me.

    Ish the automaton Banker From East London…

  • TheGeneral

    Tony! Matter was so heavy yet again!
    I am in desperate need of that remix of Live and Let Die that DannyB played, it was heavy!Is there anywhere I would find it? I’ve looked everywhere! please message me on pleeeeeeaaaaaaseee. safe

  • londonelektricity

    it’s called Love and let die. juno have it i think. hope so cos i just ordered one! vinyl only btw.

  • TheGeneral

    nice one! cheers

  • londonelektricity

    just got my Love and Let Die from Juno! all set for Bestival

  • electric guitar

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  • Riley

    1. Logistics – Repetition
    2. ICR – Weight Of Soul
    3. Breakage Roots Manuva – Run Em Out
    4. Blu Mar Ten – Starting Over 2009
    5. Logistics – Murderation
    6. Silent Source, D-Code vs Shaair – Finger Puppets
    7. Skream – Burning Up
    8. DKay and Lee – Tuning
    9. Logistics – Transporter
    10. Lethal Bizzle vs Utah Jazz

  • londonelektricity


  • Roger Berkeley

    and again what a nice podcast.
    hope you pick the right tracks for the logistics vinyl album ;)
    can´t wait for it…
    dkay tune is massive.
    who let the dogs out,huh?

    2 weeks till matter and q+a+e.
    looking sooo forward.

  • Kiinnostus

    Epic podcast as usual, perfect music, and I loved the Starting Over remix, it was perfect, and so was the Repetition… Waiting for the hundred live podcast!

  • Swanvesta

    Bonjour de la Colman an the Rileyator….

    Very much infused with the latest podders de cast .. At this moment it is 13 days and routhly 19 hours away from h2Matter

    I attended 3 rd of july it was ULTimate… Offcourse it won best event at DnB awards. Safety amigos .

    Shout out for swannvest..

  • Alegria

    Yo Tony!

    Since Twitter has a limited post size, I’ll write here.

    HUGE RESPECT, and big thanks for playing on my birthday in Poznań. That was THE best birthday one could possibly have, and you absolutely killed it! The remixes, the Hospital standard and newness, and of course THE NEW LOGISTICS CHEWNS! Can’t wait for the album. The 21st of August was a night to remember for many, and I’ll remember it for a loooong time!

    If you could please shout out the whole polish massive that attended your gig in Poznań? Would me much appreciated by us Hospital fanbois (and I’m sure fangirls would appreciate as well, haha!). Long live the NHS!

    Catch ya next time!
    (not to be confused with Algeria or an allergy, hehe)

  • katalyst

    Solid podcast after an ungodly long day of work.

    P.S. Klute played Murderation in his set last night @ Phoenix. Although it looked an awful lot like he wasn’t playing vinyl. Little love.

  • sk-tter

    Tony, you’re a funny man. Nice one with the yelps on the Dkay tune. =P

    Once again, great podcast. So fucking pumped for the new Logistics album. I had no idea he’d produce a new one so quickly; you lot are always full of surprises! =D

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