Hospital Radio – Rinse FM – June 2014

June 26, 2014 in Podcast

Chris Goss and the Tomahawk return for another monthly edition of the Hospital Records show on Rinse FM. Expect new music from Logistics, Fred V & Grafix, Break, Enei + a very special guest mix from Keeno. The show is archived for 4 weeks on the Rinse FM website.

June 2014 –
Hospital Radio with Chris Goss & Tomahawk.

Keeno ‘Nocturne’ [Med School]
Alex Clare ‘War Rages On’ (Etherwood remix) [Universal]
Logistics ‘Triangles’ [Hospital]
Friction ‘Scatter’ (feat. Total Science) [Shogun]
Enei ‘Hotplate’ [Critical]
S.P.Y ‘Darkest Shadows’ (feat. Rene La Vice & Total Science) [Hospital]
Rockwell ‘IneedU’ [Shogun]
Zinc ‘Show Me’ (Calibre remix) [Tempa]
Logistics ‘As Sure As Sunrise’ (feat. Hugh Hardie) [Hospital]
Kalm & Dan Bowskill ‘Living In The Red’ (Villem & McLeod remix) [Flexout Audio]
Junior Jack ‘Thrill Me’ (Lynx remix) [Pias]
MNEK ‘Every little Road’ (Fred V & Grafix remix)
Hyroglyfics ‘Bay City Ballers Club’ [Binary]
Metrik ‘If You Want My Love’ (feat. Elizabeth Troy) [Hospital]

Keeno “Life Cycle” guest mix
Keeno ‘As One’ (ft. Pat Fulgoni) [Med School]
Etherwood ‘Spoken’ (ft. Rocky Nti) [Med School]
Michael Woods ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ (ft. Ester Dean) (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [MoS]
Wilkinson ‘Too Close’ (ft. Detour City) [RAM]
Keeno ‘Scripted’ (ft. Louisa Bass) [Med School]
Blu Mar Ten ‘Hunter’ (ft. Seba) (Whiney Remix) [dub]
Loadstar ‘Stepped’ Outside [RAM]
Camo & Krooked ‘Mind Is Drifting Away’ [Breakbeat Kaos]
Keeno ‘Break The Silence’ [Med School]
Loz Contreras ‘Baby It’s You’ [dub]
Keeno ‘Moonrise’ (ft. AZEDIA) [Med School]
Keeno ‘Out Of Nowhere’ [Med School]
Keeno ‘Sleeplessness’ (ft. Whiney) [Med School]
Keeno ‘Another Night, Another Day’ [Med School]
S.P.Y ‘By Your Side’ (Keeno & Whiney Remix) [Spearhead]

The Upbeats ‘Corposant’ [Blackout]
Rockwell ‘1,2,3,4’ [Shogun]
Digital ‘Archive’ [Ingredients]
Command Strange ‘Could Be mine’ [Fokuz]
nClear ‘Ground Zero’ [Horizons]


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