Brixton 'The Final' Poster

NHSM146 September 2013

Balboa vs Creed, Ali vs Foreman, Tyson vs Holyfield, Contrast vs Elektricity… the stuff of legend. Fights that have gone down in history. Tears shed, glasses raised, memories that last a lifetime.

In Spain they have a saying “meine Schuhe sind schmutzig”.. You enter the ring a boy, you leave the ring a man. Friday the 27th of September 2013 was no exception. Some could argue there were too many men, to that we say “it's a drum and bass rave, deal with it”.

Either way, 'The Final' was a night to remember and what better way to remember it than with this boxing bout style poster.

You couldn't get more authentic if you chained Mickey Goldmill to your wall.

Folded A3 Poster

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