All Night


SV023: 08 July 2016


The 23rd release on Soulvent comes from the rather unknown producer Prash Chouhan, otherwise known as Rho. After his first release on the imprint on the New Soul EP (SV021), he demonstrated his propensity for energy driven tracks, pulsing with rhythm and low end. Hailing from Watford, UK, now furthering his production at the University of Leicester, Rho represents a new chapter in young UK talent which we’re more than happy to support here at Soulvent.

‘All Night’ opens with ethereal sweeps, percussive pops and a true sense of unease, backed by a filtered drum break. Progressing into a dark roller full of momentum with a pulsing bass that drives the scarce vocal sample into an all out heavy hitter.

Flip-side ‘Players’ meanwhile opens with reverse pianos, twinkling chime like synths, and warm chords. Shifting, rumbling melodies simmer behind soulful male vocals and a warm gliding sub rides the clicky-drum track along smoothly.

With a firm grasp on the endless capabilities of a strong sub bass, and an intelligent approach to the melodic elements of liquid dnb, Rho proves one to watch for the next year or so, while fast proving place in the Soulvent camp.

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