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Frederic Robinson's second full length studio album 'Flea Waltz' is a complex and fascinating body of work that once again offers a breath of fresh air in a world numbed by predictability. From the fantastical pop opera of Constellations to Acrylic's delicate euphoria, the album plunges us into a thrilling whirlpool of unexpected sonics, arrangements and themes, effortlessly picking up the vocabularies of jazz, world music, modern classical drum & bass, and colliding them together to produce symphonies of influence that are both familiar and yet totally unheard.

The journey is made complete by Lily Juniper, whose charming vocals gracefully pull Frederic's labyrinthine ideas into focus, unifying emotions like an astronomer making sense of the night sky.

Frederic Robinson's debut album 'Mixed Signals' exploded beyond the usual boundaries of the dnb scene, receiving universal praise from fans and artists in almost every other electronic music genre, from BBC6 music's Tom Middleton to Hospital Records' London Elektricity. In 2013 Frederic Robinson turned drum and bass on its head with the incredibly inventive and adventurous album, 'Mixed Signals', released on Blu Mar Ten Music.

In the three years following 'Mixed Signals', Frederic has been developing his spectacular live show, experimenting with new instruments and technologies, and, naturally, working on his stunning follow up LP, Flea Waltz.

'Flea Waltz' expands and improves on Mixed Signals, bringing a new sense of clarity, sophistication and playfulness and is unquestionably one of the finest electronic albums of 2016.

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