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In the world of music, there are many important partnerships: light and dark, kick and snare, drums and bass. So in 2018 when Bailey Greer deemed it necessary to make the long overdue move from sunny Australia to murky England and team up with Josh Croft, all in the name of music, only positivity could occur. After a strong string of releases on labels like Silent Audio, Goldfat and collaborations with the likes of Logistics and Saikon on Hospital Records, the pair positioned themselves at the forefront of the ever emerging talent on Soulvent.

Taking up the mantle from Pola & Bryson as Soulvent’s premier production pair, we are immensely proud to announce the debut album from In:Most, Voyager. The 16-track odyssey features appearances from scene stalwarts like Carasel and Lucy Kitchen, while flying high the flag of the next generation with fellow rising names like Walk:r and Mistrust. Embracing the concept of the journey was truly important to the pair on this record, wanting to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and challenge the listener as much as their own perception of their sound.

While the heady dancefloor highs of tracks like ‘Stay’ or ‘Do You’ might be what you’d expect from the pair’s last two singles, blistering tracks like ‘Embers’ and ‘Fever Dreams’ both attest to the beauty of collaboration, as well as the growing maturity in the young duo’s output.

Meanwhile the smooth tones of Ukrainian born Anastasia’s vocals grace the glittering foundations of ‘Home’ whilst Lucy Kitchen’s familiar and comforting voice on ‘Glimmer’ provide the stellar female-led element of the record. For that unmistakable In:Most liquid sound, look no further than the likes of ‘Silver Lining’ with Walk:r, it’s beautiful guitar and piano lines linking up effortlessly - or the warming wah-wah washes of ‘Notions’ against it’s twinkling arps and soft pads.

Both a fun and engaging change of pace, ‘Scuba’ ushers in some serious garage flavour, with a playful take on the genre with a boundless, bubbling bassline.

Could a debut album out of Cambridge be complete without featuring a member of Drum & Bass royalty like Hospital Records veteran, Logistics? ‘Fixated’ blends raspy percussion with swirling sub bass and uplifting top notes with a drifting, drawn out vocal sample that shows the boys really can run with the big dogs.

Coming back into port, with the peaceful outro that is ‘Harbour’, we are reminded once again that In:Most’s production capability is not contained by drum and bass or tempos above 170 and their journey to get to this point has been long, varied and truly unforgettable.

12 months in the making, and undeniably worth every second of the wait - we welcome you to grab a 1st class ticket, sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride. ‘Voyager’ is out in all good stores on the 3rd of April. 

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